Blue Sky Leadership Consulting serves as your Business Coach.  Keith Cupp, President of Gravitas Impact, eloquently describes four key roles provided by a good business coach as follows:

  • Co-architect –building your plan and strategy together.

  • Teacher – a certified Gravitas Impact senior coach provides practical, applicable, and up-to-date knowledge and instruction.

  • Conductor – helps you manage and coordinate the massive amount of information and ideas flowing into your organization and conducts the flow for optimal synergy.

  • Confidante – serves as a confidential sounding board and helps by asking the right questions. 

A Business Coach is different from a Consultant.  Consultants generally come in and assist on a specific issue where they have expertise. A Business Coach is more like your mechanic – we check out the entire business and provide you the tools and resources to allow the business to run smoothly and efficiently. Most importantly a Business Coach will be there to hold you accountable for what you have committed to accomplishing. 

If you are looking for significant and long-lasting change and want to develop a business that can scale, let me be your Business Coach.  I have the tools and experience to help you build and create the goals and objectives necessary to achieve the results you are looking for.

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