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At Blue Sky Leadership Consulting, we are the experts in top-of-the-line business coaching in the San Antonio area.  Blue Sky Leadership offers outstanding tools and leadership team building processes based on the 7 Attributes of Agile Growth business coaching framework by Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches.  Our services will help you develop the leadership tools needed for effective corporate planning, setting business goals, and increased employee engagement.  Blue Sky Leadership San Antonio is your source for executive coaching and leadership tools to help you develop effective business growth strategies.

At Blue Sky Leadership Consulting,  we are your trusted advisor, business architect, and leadership coach. Successful leaders are continuous learners and we help you and your leadership teams to scale your company using a proven, practical, and profitable system.  As a certified Gravitas Impact Coach, we use the right systems to grow your company and your people.

Agile: Continuous evaluation, course correction, and alignment to outpace competitor’s strategy, execution, and profit.
Scalable:  Framework, tools, and advisors/coaches can help a start-up company scale, all the way to a successful exit or IPO.
Comprehensive: Thought leadership, practical tools and expert advisors (coaches) in 7 key areas (Attributes)

Selecting a Coach – 4+ One Rule of Thumb

Content – doe the coach represent the right content to help you grow your company:
Credibility – does the coach have credibility, business experience, and client experience?
Cash – Do you see a return on your investment?
Chemistry – Will you enjoy working with this person? Do you share similar values and a connection?
+1 — Am I willing to make a commitment to work overtime to take the journey?

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